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Support serving service members, Veterans and their respective families in obtaining personal and/or professional goals. Including addressing their needs for transitioning to their next phase or level of development in their career field of choice in a sustainable profession and or trade, as well as enabling them to be positive community contributors. We accomplish our mission through our programs, sponsorships and partnerships as well as donations.


Through partnerships and individual volunteers, no V.P.A.C. member and or their families will be left behind; we are here to find the partnerships, sponsors and resources to support programs needed and or funded to achieve sustainability and build resilience for strong futures.


For some Veterans, Returning to "everyday" Life is a challenge

Veterans Plus Assistance Corporation is a 501c3, nonprofit organization dedicated to help Veterans, Reservists/NG/Active Duty Military and their Families.

We assist Veterans in finding their way to their next career by means of:

Vocational Training
Job Placement
Family and Legacy Planning
Recreational Therapy

The Problem

Working on solving the problems that most veterans face is not easy, yet we do everything we can for their mental health.
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The Solution

The transition can be very hard on veterans, so we try to find the optimal solution for them to resume normal social life.
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Veteran Unemployment Rate in some Markets!

Veterans Need
Your Help

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Veterans Experience Difficulty in Transitioning!
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Veterans Say Finding a Job is their Biggest Challenge!

Support those who dedicated their lives to protect our country

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They Served Us, Now It's Our Turn

Our Veterans put everything on the line to protect our freedom. We may never be able to repay them for their sacrifice, but we can show them just how much we appreciate everything they’ve done for us.

Building a Better Future

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for veterans

Start the Career that is Right for You

Joining the civilian workforce is much different than serving in the military. As a veteran-owned company, Impacto Patronus understands the challenges veterans face when separating from active duty. Impacto Patronus began ‘Strong Together’, a military to civilian transition assistance program, designed to aid veterans in their move from the battlefield to the corporate frontlines.


News & Updates

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‘Day Of Service’: Free Veteran Medical Care
We believe that getting a free medical examination, or a dental appointment should be a basic, trivial thing for those who have served our country!
Employment Issues that Veterans are Facing
Over 1 million veterans are unemployed today. This can and must be changed ASAP. We contact employers and help the veterans get the job they want.
Transitioning Challenges and Our Solutions
Working on solving the problems that most veterans face is not easy, yet we do everything for their mental health. The transition can be handled easier!